10 Years, Still Here Book


Image of 10 Years, Still Here Book

'TransBareAll: 10 Years, Still Here' a celebration of trans voices art and writing.

Against the roar of destructive noise, the minds behind TransBareAll decided to mark 10 years of work by speaking for themselves, on their own terms, at a time when trans voices are rarely allowed to be heard.

This book is a collective endeavour of words and artwork. The contributors within followed the path dug by the few trans writers who are now starting to get some recognition, and took inspiration from the knowledge that within the trans community there is a huge wellspring of talent, knowledge and experience.

The result is something quite extraordinary.

Within these pages you will find faith, and passion, and struggle. You will find anger and you will find laughter. You will find strategies for surviving a racist misogynist world. Strategies for navigating parenthood. You will find sex (because this is not a
children’s book) and reckoning. You will find mountains and moorland, a cigarette scraped across the wall of a pub and a size 9 stiletto. You will find pieces of Lego that make sense of the world and a haircut at the best barbershop in London.

Most importantly, you will find a range of experiences and a wealth of
trans voices, each different, speaking loud, and proud, and together.

You can find a pre-view of the actual book here: